Aradia's Calling

Marita Psychic Medium

My Mission Statement

I believe in honesty, ethics, and core values. I am looking forward to providing my clientele with professional services, to the best of my abilities.
I am a psychic intuitive/medium; I am clairvoyant, clairaudience, and clairsentience. I am looking forward to sharing with you on my website all about who I am. My goal is to help you achieve your higher purpose and goals along with answering some of your questions that you may have about the metaphysical. My site is about helping and educating you with spirit as well as working with your higher self and the metaphysical world.    I am grateful to the higher sources that have guided me to do Angel Oracle Card Readings, Crystal Healing, Reiki, & Integrated Energy Therapy energy work, herbals, working with nature, and  studying the old world  Stregheria/Wiccan traditions.
My mission as a psychic intuitve and medium is to be able to help others, and bring clarity to their questions, and give them hope--give them answers to help guide them to the correct direction for them.