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Marita Zumpano is an intuitive psychic-medium, certified Angel Card Reader, and Reiki Master with additional certifications in Integrated Energy Therapy (I. E. T.), and Fairyology (Doreen Virtue) that combines abilities of Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and Spirit to help her engage in your readings. She loves people and has worked in the professional management world for over thirty years. People are her life purpose, by communicating with you through your readings, she knows she is
on the right path. October 2003, Rev. Marita had a near fatal accident and life threw her a curve
ball. She crossed over briefly into the realm of the angels and her loved ones.
She believes Arch Angel Michael moved her out of the way to put her onto
this path. Immediately afterwards, the changes began.

Marita sees angels and draws or paints their energy and colors. When
she reads for you they may come through, along with loved ones. She
currently works in the metaphysical business. Her passion is crystals, so she
can read people through the energy that the crystals give off. She is
incorporating the crystals into the jewelry line that she started, Riddi’s Angels
Jewelry. She places the crystals into her pendants, plaques, and wands. Find
her on Facebook at Riddi’s Angels Custom Jewelry & Designs and check out her art here!